A photoperiod and auto grow off!

Hello growers, it’s a Monday and here is some motivation for you!

The tribe is running her first ever contest. The aim of the contest is to engage growers in the community and provide factual reliable real-life information to first time growers and a platform to learn from one another.

This is a photoperiod and auto grow off in a growing environment best suited to you!

Write your name and start date on your plant pot. Start date is when you germinate the seeds.

Use a growing medium best suited to you

A winner is to be selected from each category of autos and photos

Criteria for winning is the consistency documenting your grow from start to finish pictures included.

End date will be 3 months from today.

Reward? 10 seeds!



  • docnraq
    edited March 28

    I am so in! I started new seeds like 2 weeks ago do I need to start new ones or can I just use those already sprouted?

    Question: do I post results here in this thread or in my journal? If in my journal should I tag you in my post?

  • Hello Doc,

    Wow this is amazing. You can post in your journal and tag us in your posts; that's okay.

    But if it's easy posting here, that's also okay.

    And yes, you can use those you sprouted. Kindly include the date you germinated the seeds

    👏 I am excited to see your grow.

  • Me too! I dropped an OGKB auto from The Seed Connect just incase :) Getting the dates will be easy, I use an app to track my grows which I highly recommend and its free up to like 12 plants and 3 environments, maybe more thats just how many I have.... its called Growing With Jane. It tracks EVERYTHING, you can input notes and take pics and it keeps them all together and in a timeline. Im not sure if they have it for IPhone but here it is in the playstore.

  • Hello Doc,

    You never miss any details. Thank you for this, and yes, they have it for iPhone as well.

  • Hello Growers,

    The Tribe photoperiod and auto grow-off are still on, and we are excited to see more growers join and share their growing experience with us.

    If you want to join, you are so welcome. You can as well invite growers you know to join😊.

  • Here is the photo I will be running for the photoperiod portion of this contest.

    She gets transplanted today or tomorrow. I will be attempting my first 8 cola mainline with this lady. She is a Skywalker OG from ILGM. My OGKB auto didn't germ so I decided to wait till this week to plant again because some new equipment was on its way. That equip.ent is here so ill be germing her in the next day or two.

    Still can't figure out how to post pics to this forum. @Dante S. can you help us out on this? I think if it was possible to post pics here to the forum you would have more activity.

  • Hey Doc,

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! It's always exciting to see your posts and I am positive we are going to have a lot to learn.

    We are working on how to upload pictures.

    Thank you for always coming through.

  • Finally got all the topping and positioning in place. I wont leave the bamboo or twist ties on for very long just wanted to kinda get it set in. As soon as the plant is ready to be hooked up to the autopot system, I will add some silica to the feed which will help harden everything into place.

  • Hi Doc!

    Congratulations on getting all the toppings and positioning done for your plant! It's great to see your dedication to getting everything set in place. Understandably, you won't leave the bamboo or twist ties on for too long, as you want to ensure your plant has the freedom to grow naturally.

    It's also awesome to hear that you're planning to hook up your plant to an autopot system and add silica to the feed to help harden everything into place. Your attention to detail and care for your plant's health and growth are commendable!

    Thank you so much for sharing your progress with us. Your participation in the growing contest is inspiring, and we appreciate your contribution to the community.

    Keep up the fantastic work, and we look forward to hearing more about your plant's journey! Happy growing!

  • Hey Doc,

    Okay, your effort to support this community is like 💯. But well, on the more positive side, I am excited about your YouTube channel. It can be the start of something great.

    Thank you for sharing. It's a snip pic on the autos but they are coming in great.

    Thank you

  • Update on my growoff photoperiod plant.

    Ended up topping her again as she got super tall compared to others in the tent. Lights flipped couple days ago.

  • Hey @docnraq,

    I love the creativity in staking, and she has room to grow more.

    By the way, you haven't given us details on the lights you are using. Good recommendations are always a bonus to the growers, so we can also increase brand awareness of products growers can trust.

    What nutrients are you feeding her on and in what intervals? What are the temperature and humidity ranges? I am in for all the juicy details.

  • docnraq
    edited May 4

    @Daisy Thank you, It took some finesse to get her there, and I didn't have enough. I split her right in half at the base there. I swore, alot. Grabbed some plumbers tape and lashed her together. It healed weird so I keep the tape on for support. Stalk got good and fat though after the split. Couldn't do that to an auto I bet. Thoughts?

    I am running a Mars Hydro FC3000. Mars is a pretty well known company. They are not the cheapest but far from the most expensive lights out there. I've read good and bad reviews but for my experience this light has been a work horse. I have been doing back to back grows since recreational was passed here in AZ.

    Temps have been running 80-83 when the lights are on and about 76+/- when they are off. I had the humidity at 65% when they were vegging but now that I flipped I'm trying to come down to 55-60%. Unless it stays really dry I doubt I'll get it down past 60% once the flowers start coming in. Shoulda got a 6 inch inline instead of a 4.

    I am feeding using Kosher Nutrients and silica blast. I won some Kosher over 4/20. I had used them once prior from a sample they sent me (25 gallons worth is a fair sample to be sure.) Its a simple line, 3g base and 3g grow or flower depending on the phase. The plant is in an autopot system so I havent had to hand water for almost 2 weeks now. I have 2 plants on the system and they use almost 2 gallons of feed solution a day. Its amazing because my hand watered plants only consume a gallon every 3 days. The rez is at about 730ppm and the ph has to be adjusted each day. I have been keeping it around 5.8-6.5 PH.

    Its my first run with the autopots and I am very impressed so far with how well it maintains the moisture level. My plants are so happy!

  • @docnraq, it sounds like like a movie a too me! I play the whole thing in my head, the splitting and swearing; forgive my imagination. But yeah, it's moments like these that make growing worthwhile.

    Yeah, splitting and excessive stress techniques increase yields in photoperiod plants by causing the plant to produce more buds and, therefore, more overall flower; however, I can't same the same for autos.

    One reason for this is that autoflowers have a limited lifespan, typically 8 to 12 weeks. This means that any stress that is applied to the plant can have a significant impact on its overall growth and yield potential. Additionally, autoflowers have a smaller stature and generally produce smaller yields than photoperiod plants so excessive stress can be particularly damaging to their growth and overall yield potential.

    That being said, some techniques can be used on autoflowers to increase yield without causing excessive stress. One such technique is defoliation, which involves removing some of the plant's leaves to allow more light to penetrate the canopy and reach the lower buds. This can lead to increased growth and overall yield without causing excessive stress to the plant.

    Another technique that can be effective on autoflowers is low-stress training (LST). This involves gently bending and tying down the plant's branches to promote even growth and increase the number of bud sites. LST is generally less stressful on the plant than other training techniques, such as topping or fimming, which can be more damaging to autoflowers.

    Yeah, Mars is great; thank you for the recommendation. I am sure a grower looking for a second opinion has got one.

    Wow, thank you. This is very insightful. We are glad to have you here

  • Oh here is the LSD

  • Update on my Photoperiod entry. Growing like crazy! Flowers have begun to develop, she is happy healthy and run-a-muck! I had to put my fan and two other plants ontop of 5 gal buckets to even out the canopy.
    I increased the feed to 1270 tds, about a gram and a half more Base and Flower then last time I filled the rez. I only made up 5 gallons worth, incase the plants dissaprove. I can add more water to dillute the rez and drop the tds back down. Im fairly confident that won't be an issue.
    The light is now all the way up to the limit of the ratchet straps, might have to remove the steel braid thingy to get it to go any higher. I am hoping the stretch is over so that won't have to happen but as it sits my light is just under 12 inches away from the top of the Skywalker og's tallest stem. If she continues verticle I will have to supercrop her. Anyhow, here she is.

  • @docnraq, she's all grown and healthy

  • docnraq
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    @Daisy said:
    @docnraq, she's all grown and healthy

    She is now 40 inches tall. So about an inch a day since I took that photo. Im just praying the stretch is over.

  • @docnraq, Wow! thats massive growth! At that rate you might need a taller grow

  • docnraq
    edited May 17

    @Daisy she keeps going, im not sure I can avoid supercropping her at this point.

  • @docnraq, she's been through so much already. Supercropping to address fast growth? That doesn't settle well with me. Could you consider adjusting environmental factors? Or could it be the increased feeds? Let's give her time and see how well she responds. For as long as she stays healthy, I think that's good news!

  • Have to supercrop because she is 9 inches from my light and I can't raise my light anymore. I'm not trying to slow her growth im trying to keep her from being scorched by my light. While also giving light to my shorter plants as they are now almost 2 feet away from the light.

  • @docnraq, Alright! let's do this and see how things turn out. Hopefully it's for the better then we will have a thread from you! This is me being optimistic and yes, it work out.

  • For sure! Even if I don't do it on the whole plant, I'll do it on at least 1 branch and put up a thread on supercropping.

  • Yeaaahhhhhh!!! Alright. This is dope. Let's do it!

  • Ozz
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    Those are some awesome plants all. I'm done for the summer as well. Happy trails all.

  • @docnraq said:
    Finally got all the topping and positioning in place. I won't leave the bamboo or twist ties on for very long just wanted to kinda get it set in. As soon as the plant is ready to be hooked up to the autopilot system, I will add some silica to the feed which will help harden everything into place.

    Wow how far she has come.
    I ended up not super cropping her. Raq convinced me otherwise and we decided to take a few foxtails instead off stress her too much more. She needed some crutches..
    Been feeding her heavily until this last week. Slowed down on nitrogen keeping P and K higher but still far less than in the earlier part of flower.

    This has been a great grow so far. She stacked up great and the bud has begun to fatten up.

  • I hesitated to enter an autoflower alongside my photo but as the contest went on I didn't see any other entries. So here is my auto flower entry.
    She is an OGKB auto flower from The Marijuana Seed Connect. Being grown SynthGanic in a 5 gal fabric pot. I only say synth because I fed her some Simply Professional which is a synthganic note. Otherwise she has been given Natures Living Soil as a base and Alaskan Fish fertilizer and NLS tea. About a week into flower.

  • Hello @docnraq, thank you for sharing generously and making this contest worth it. The pictures are lovely. And m excited that harvest time is drawing closer