Nutrient Lines I've used and liked....

Thought It would be good to start a thread about the various nutrient lines that exist AND have been used. If you have used a nute line and liked it, share with the community. Brand, type, # of parts, frequency of fertilization, pros, cons, thoughts..... anything to help a 1st time growmie make a choice about what they would like to use. If you use any myko or bacteria product, tell us about it. Please keep it to ones you have used and leave any comments about those you havent used to the people who have.

I'll start.....


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    Kosher Nutrients-

    A 3 part (only 2 at a time) nutrient system. Base, Grow and Flower. Salt based soluble. For use in hydroponic or soil/coco. Easy to mix and measure as it takes 3-4g (depending on plant size) of each base and grow or flower per gallon of solution. Avg tds in tap water for me has been 750-900ppm and ph falls between 6.5 and 6.9 without PHing every time. Others experience may vary but this is how its worked for me. This plant grown with Kosher Nutes..

    Jacks 321-

    3 part (beginning to end) Part A, Epsom Salt, and Part B. Salt based soluble. Can be used in soil/coco as well as hydroponic. Easy to mix, 3.5g part A, 1.2g Epsom and 2.5g part B per gallon of solution. Coming in between 1000-1200ppm avg with tap. Ph often falls inbetween 6.3 and 7.2 with tap. I didnt care for the fluctuations. Not a bad nutrient line, didn't require a flush at any time during grow. A good and easy nutrient line to use. On a side note,, you can send them a sample of your tap water and for 40 dolkars they will give you a recipie designed for your tap water specificly. This is a nice feature for the serious grower. This plant grown with Jacks 321.

    Fox Farm Liquid Trio and soluble PK booster trio-

    6 part, liquid and soluble salt based (Big Bloom is organic matter) for use in soil/coco (alternative trio for Hydroponic) Not easy to mix and measure as there are so many bottles. (FF entire soil lineup is 12 bottles) amounts do stay about the same all the way through, but not every feed has every bottle in it. Ontop of that it is very concentrated so the method of application is feed, water, feed, water.... often coming in at 1200-1400ppm, it is very easy to burn leaves. Because of its salt content this line requires a flushing of the soil 3 times each grow. Between weeks 4 and 5, 7 and 8, 10 and 11. A flush is 3x the volume of the pot in clean ph stable water at a 6.8ph and then a reapplication of feed in same instance. Its a process when you have more then one plant let me tell you. You are gonna need PH adjusters when using this nutrient line. If in RO do yourself a favor and get a gallon of PH up. 1/2 gallon lasted me about a year. Always cheaper to buy gallon size over quart size. I wont say FF is bad, they have been around for a very long time and are still very commonly used. I will say that for a new grower, there are better options for sure. Also if doing autos, dont start feeding at full strength. This plant grown in with FF nutes.....

    All plants featured are Godzilla Goo Autos from The Marijuana Seed Connect.

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  • Indoor: The Trio General Hydroponics. And Hydroguard to keep the buckets fresh.
    Outdoor: Fish/Kelp emulsion veg - Foxfarms Beastie Bloomz - Cha Ching - Big Bloom - for the flower

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    @bigfishtools can you tell me more about hydrogaurd and how you used it?

    How was the GH any issues that you had to deal with like ph swings or anything?

    You mentioned fish emulsion and Kelp, any particular brand or anything?
    I'd like to know more about how you used that too.

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    @docnraq Hydroguard last to go in a bucket. 2-3 tsp per gal. With the GH ph will jump up some to start, once I get it inline it does real well. For the fish/kelp emulsion I use Alaskan it smells, but it works great! 1-3 tsp per gal, depending on plant size. Only use for veg and stretch. As for the kelp Same, use during veg and stretch. Depending on the strain Calmag might be used. Below is the feed schedule I have used for years.

    Wasn't that big but this Humboldt Blueberry Muffin was one of the best plants I have grown in a while. So tasty and stoney. Grown with GH

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    @bigfishtools you're talking Alaskan Fish Fertilizer, right?
    It is stinky! But it does work pretty well too. I often use it in compost/nutrient teas when I am growing organic. Can you tell me what Hydrogaurd is? I was hoping to kinda have a bit of info for other growers about the product. Id do it but, I havent used it so it goes against the "rules" I set forth in the thread.

  • Yea the Alaskan is the way to go. As for the Hydroguard here is a good explanation

    Botanicare Hydroguard contains Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, a natural bacterial root inoculant and water treatment that helps suppress and resist damping off diseases in soil and hydroponic gardens. Use with every watering — from seedling to harvest — to create a healthy, disease-free environment.

    Keeps the roots from not smelling, white and healthy

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    Environmental Soil Solutions

    Magic Potion Reamending Nutrient

    Everything you need to re-ammend already used organic soil. So say you used Big Rootz soil to make a supersoil or living soil. After the grow you would remove the bulk of the rootball, add in the appropriate amount of Magic Potion and all the organic material needed to start another grow is inside, ready to be turned into nutrients for your plant. Also a nice way to fortify any organic medium.

    Mystic Grow
    A blend of organic nutes for veggitative growth. This stuff works very well. It can be applied as a topdressing or brewed Into a nutrient tea. Add some compost/worm castings to get some microbial action going on.

    Cosmic Grow
    A blend of organic nutes for flowering
    Also very impressed with this product. Like the veg nutes this works the same way, topdress or brew into a tea. I have been using it once a week making about a gallon of tea and giving it to a couple plants.

    This has been a fairly easy organic run. These nutes are easy to use and my plants seem very happy. I won these nutes on an instagram giveaway and am very pleased.