First Crop

My first crop was an interesting experiment. I started 3 Runtz cheese autos outside. Ants ate one plant before I sprayed the area. The other two budded at about two feet tall. I trimmed off the buds. Buds were small and not much to brag about. I kept watering what was left and the darn things grew back again. I took two cuttings from them and purchased some LEDs and low and behold they survived. They grew into a big bush and I had to do a 12/12 schedule to get them to bud again. Unfortunately, I planted them in small buckets which kind of stunted their bud development. The buds were good though.
I pulled out the plants in the yard as I was feuding with the neighbor over her howling mut. Kind of a weird science thing but I learned a lot from it. Here are two pics, one in the yard and a cutting under the light. Enjoy.


  • Hey @Ozz,

    Now, this is a beautiful transformation story. I think everyone has quite an interesting first time. Honestly, I did not know what I was doing.

    Yes, there was the obvious germination which is not as obvious, but after that, it was just an experiment. Sourcing information online, but it was all jumbled and confusing.

    I tried indoor, boy! The plants died. I couldn't get anything right.

    However, I can say I loved the whole process; waking up one morning and the plants are big and promising; the next thing you know, they have stopped growing.

    I did not know when to harvest. I kept looking at them and wondering, "Do we harvest today?"

    So, for me, the community is like that haven growers can trust to get authentic information to help with their grows. It's relatable to first-time growers and an encouragement for people to share.

    As a first-time grower, I was filled with enthusiasm and curiosity, eager to witness the magic of nature unfold before my eyes. Little did I know that this journey would be filled with both challenges and invaluable lessons.

    So, if you're a beginner, remember that your journey is unique and valuable. Embrace the challenges, seek guidance, and find solace in the community of growers who are eager to share their knowledge and support your grow.

    Happy growing!

  • @Ozz this story is wild! It grew back? I have heard of missfire autos that require 12/12 to kick off flowering before. Never a plant going straight zombie and rising from the dead! Beautiful indoor plant from the cutting. Fantastic honestly. What is your indoor setup? And what grow style do you use

  • Got my Covid booster and the first shingle shot Wednesday and worked today. Feel like a turd but the lights I use are in one of my posts. There like fifteen inch square LEDs with some reds and blues I think. Got them from Amazon for like 129 each. That last crop I Criss crossed the light beams to get plenty of light down in, see the picture in one of my posts. I mix my own soil which I explained in a post. I use that fish do do in a bottle until they are flowering good then switch to a 20 20 20 fert I got from Amazon. I will post another pic of these two plants before I chop them down. Getting kind of tired of waiting for amber trics. These plants are almost 14 weeks now with plenty of milky ones. I don't know what to do their, be happy with what I have or wait some more.

  • 14 weeks is kinda long in tooth for an auto, not sure I could wait either. Do love some amber though. Sux when you take something to avoid being ill and it makes you feel ill. Hope you feel better growmie!