Greetings, future cannabis growers!


Well, for some, it may be viewed as such. However, for individuals like myself, it transcends that classification.

Cannabis is an herb—a flavorful delicacy that I relish on a regular basis. Through my 40+ years of experiences, I've discovered that cultivating Cannabis can present challenges if you choose to perceive it as such.

Nevertheless, it can also be an enjoyable and straightforward endeavor, reaping rewarding benefits in the end.

Here is a simple recipe that consistently yields top-notch herb, and I'm excited to share it with you. Allow me to break it down into five key ingredients:


While there are countless opinions on growing weed, I firmly believe that simplicity is the ultimate recipe for success. By following these 5 easy steps, you too can reap the rewards of a bountiful harvest.

Let's embark on this journey together, sharing knowledge and experiences along the way. Feel free to join the conversation and share your thoughts.
Happy growing!

#1) GENETICS: Seek out reputable sources and select genetics that align with your preferences and growing conditions. Crappy seeds will get you crappy smoke no matter what you do!

#2) SOIL: Providing your plants with nutrient-rich soil is essential for their health and development. Invest in high-quality soil or create a well-balanced mix that promotes robust growth.

#3) LIGHTING: Adequate lighting is vital for cannabis cultivation. Whether you opt for natural sunlight or artificial grow lights, ensure your plants receive the right amount and spectrum of light for each growth stage.

#4) WATER: Proper watering is a fundamental aspect of successful cannabis cultivation. Strive for the ideal balance, avoiding overwatering or underwatering, as it can impact plant health and yield.

#5) FERTILIZER: Providing your plants with appropriate nutrients at the right time is key. Explore organic or synthetic fertilizers that align with your chosen growing method, and follow recommended feeding schedules.

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    40 years is a long time. Thanks for keeping homegrown alive. A couple suggestion though. If you are paying 1.22 a gallon for drinking water you are getting robbed. Get yourself a 5 gallon jug and fill from Walmart filling stations. 0.30 a gallon and instead of filtered municipal water you can have RO water. Thats considerably cleaner water and at a far cheaper price.
    Can I ask why Miracle grow? It's about the worst fertilizer for growing cannabis. Its got so much heavy metal and crap in it that it is not worth using. Couple that with the fact that its brought to you by Monsanto and it really is trash fertilizer. Buying in bulk from a cannabis focused nutrient company is just as cheap and made specifically for growing cannabis with the intent of consuming it, and in large quantity. Take Kosher Nutrients for example. Buying in bulk quantity from them makes your nute cost 0.12 per gallon of nute solution. Even Fox Farm trio bottles are about 30 bucks a quart buy in gallon its only like 60 bucks. Always buy nutes in bulk. Its a commitment to be sure but let's face it, gonna be growing weed for the rest of my days..
    Did you build your own light? If so how many watts, how did you go about making sure it was safe to use, and how long has it lasted, in terms of hours used. Very cool to have the know how, any resources for us laymen?
    Lastly I'm curious as to why you chose promix over other inert media and do you add anything like more perlite for drainage or even vermiculite for retention?

  • Hello docnraq,
    It's a pleasure to see your comments and connect with a fellow grower. I've gone through your postings, and I must say, you've achieved some impressive buds. Well done!

    I'm excited about the various topics you've touched upon, and I look forward to engaging in thoughtful discussions about each one. I want to provide thorough responses, so please bear with me if it takes a day or so to address them all.

    Regarding H2O, I personally use an under-the-sink reverse osmosis (RO) system. While the bottled water photo I shared was more for reference, I agree that relying on bottled water can become costly in the long run. However, it can be a viable option for short-term use, especially during the sprouting phase or when getting started. I recall reading somewhere that it's advisable to steer clear of distilled and spring water.

    I appreciate your insights and contributions to the discussion. Looking forward to further exchanges!
    Best regards, Shoe

    You may notice that I use to help polish up my posting.

  • I have been thinking about using AI to clean up my posts. Total grammer and spelling failure over here!
    A thread on how to choose the propper RO system would be awesome....nudge, nudge :)

  • Hello again docnraq
    Let's continue,

    Miracle-Gro fertilizer:
    Deciding on a personal preference can indeed be challenging. Speaking from my experiences, I've used a variety of fertilizers over the years since high school when my buddies and I planted our first seeds in 1974. My main challenge with all fertilizers was avoiding harming my plants. If I achieved that goal, I considered it a good fertilizer.

    As you mentioned, I agree that numerous natural and effective fertilizers are available. These products have garnered positive reviews and proven to be highly effective.

    While I acknowledge that Miracle-Gro is a synthetic fertilizer, it's worth noting that many great things in life are, such as the full synthetic motorcycle oil I have been using since day one in 2005. I trust the synthetic option, with nearly 100K miles on my bike and no engine issues.

    In my view, Miracle-Gro is akin to McDonald's—consistent, effective, affordable, and readily available. However, I should clarify that I do not use Miracle-Gro potting mix.

    Regarding its ingredients, while the N-P-K ratios may not be perfect, they are generally acceptable. Additionally, the other metal and chemical additives in Miracle-Gro complement my use of RO water, which effectively removes almost everything.

    I always flush the soil with clean water before harvest to ensure a pure and untainted final product. Like any fertilizer, if residues are left behind, it can potentially result in an unpleasant taste when smoked.

    In my next reply, I'll delve into COB Lights, which happens to be my favorite topic—until then, looking forward to our continued discussion.

    Best regards, Shoe

    PS, I even had to use my "Grammarly" app on this one.

  • Hello @SHOE, I couldn't agree more. Justifies why we are all here in the first place. Cannabis is more than just a weed.
    Speaking of strains, Thai Haze? Is it like an old-time favorite?
    I am excited to hear your views on COB Lights

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    McDonald's is a great way to describe it. It's food, it fills you up and has some nutrition, and is more available than any other premade food. Ultimately though, enough of it will make you ill and it is full of things that are not good for you at all, more than any nutritional value. I urge you to try something different. The issue is not can you use Miracle Grow it's should you use Miracle Grow? I believe the answer is no you should not.
    We could probably debate this for weeks 😂.

    I use RO for some nutrient brands it depends on who makes it. Kosher Nutes is good in either RO or Tap but (currently running them so easiest to reference) in tap the calcium in the notes and in my water cause PH fluctuations, in RO, perfectly stable. Jack's 321 has two different versions of itself, one for tap and another for RO. Fox Farm is great in Tap but has zero addtl Cal and mag so in RO you end up deficient.

    Flushing out the nutes for the last two weeks is a good idea always isn't it? There is a lot of disagreement in the community about whether it's necessary. For me it just makes perfect sense. Wish they wouldn't call it flushing since there is already a meaning to flushing in cannabis growing. (the rinsing of salts, leftover from feedings, that has bonded with the soil, using 3x the volume of your pot in ph'd water) people are always like "you can't wash the nutes out of the plant!" Drives me nuts! I've tried to relabel it, finishing the plant, but it isn't taking off. I've noticed a quicker overall cure time from restricting notes in the final 2 weeks. It's like most of the chlorophyll is broken down already by the time you hit the dry tent. That's my observation anyways.

    What are your feelings on bud washing?

    I am enjoying our exchange @SHOE it's nice to talk to a grower who isn't all "my way is the only way" about cannabis growing. I put the Grammarly app on my phone. I used to think I sucked at grammar, now I know I do 😂😂😂. Have a great day grow bro, looking forward to your post on C.O.B. Lights!

  • @Daisy
    You mentioned old-time favorites. Back in the day, you grew the seeds you could find. I never really knew the names of most. But Thai caught my eye when I was browsing selections.

    I was fortunate enough to visit Bangkok several times while in the military around 1980. When my buddies and I hit the town, we had two things on our minds: weed and women, and in that order. We would each get 20 sticks @ $5 each. Back on base in Okinawa, we would get $20 each, but only for our closest friends. Weed was impossible to find off-base, so we hoarded what we had.

    The real Thai Stick

    My COB Light review is coming soon, and a peace offering reply to @docnraq (I'm open to trying something new)

  • Hello @SHOE, one can never have enough of your stories. Is this from your grow? Like @docnraq , I would love to hear all about it

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    @Daisy & @docnraq
    I wanted to clarify that the previous photo I shared does not depict my own grow. However, I'm pleased to present an image of my recent harvest.

    The long-awaited moment arrived this morning at 5 AM when I finally harvested my plant. The entire growing process took over five months, from clone to veg to high-stress training and finally flowering. The yield came to approximately six ounces, wet with stems. I hope to obtain around 4 ounces of smokeable buds with proper curing. In my opinion, this outcome is quite remarkable, considering the plant's height of merely two feet.

    On another note, this particular plant is a clone derived from a Thai-Haze mother plant whose seed I acquired from It was my first time using COB lights for flowering. I incorporated a low-wattage LED with a wide spectrum to provide UV radiation.

    About a week before harvest, I initiated a water flush to eliminate any potential chemical residues from the fertilizer. Concurrently, I reduced the light cycle to 10 hours on & 14 hours off. The water uptake gradually diminished until it ceased entirely after approximately three days. At that point, I turned off the COB lights and exclusively used the LED for two additional days. On the final day, I switched off the LED as well and covered the closet with my black-out curtain for optimal darkness.

    I sometimes humorously refer to this strain as "Poopy Weed." A single bowl of this potent cannabis is akin to consuming several strong cups of black coffee. Its robust uplifting Sativa effects persist for hours, offering an invigorating experience.

    Happy growing!
    Best regards, Shoe

    I'm excited to share that I recently obtained six Pure Haze Cookies seeds from I plan to start the vegetative growth period indoors. Then, come October; I will transition the plants outside to bask in the delightful winter sunshine of Yuma, AZ. It's shaping up to be a fantastic Christmas season with the anticipation of a bountiful harvest.

    "Special thanks to ChatGPT for refining my message and providing such elegant copy."

  • I think I need a bigger box :)

    @docnraq Here are a few indoors. Quit indoors when I got to the land of the sun. These were all grown in buckets with 1200 led and The Trio from General Hydroponics and Hydroguard. Some plants needed some Calmag. I swear by the Trio.

  • Hello @shoe, this is lovely. Is it okay to give us full details of your grow to start a thread on Thai Haze under []? It will be lovely to feature pictures of your Thai Haze on our shop page. Is it okay to start a thread with a journal for the Pure Haze Cookies?

  • Hey @bigfishtools, it's wonderful to hear from you again. Yes, you need a bigger box. Those lovely ladies are coming through great.
    Wow, those are quite bountiful buds! Which strain is that?

  • @Daisy Pancake and ? Could be Gorilla Glue How about a thread "Show Me Your Buds"

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    Big Bud
    Ice Cream Cake Auto