Godzilla Goo Auto (MSC)

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  • docnraq
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    I bought this strain for 2 reasons,
    1) I am a fan of Affgooey strains.
    2) I was on a huge autoflower kick early in my growing adventures.

    Genetic Background:

    Growing Conditions:
    This strain, and most every strain of cannabis, enjoy continental climates, with temps in the mid 60's to mid 80's. Humidity ranges from 50-65% (higher in spring and lower in fall).
    Light requirements for cannabis are high, whether it's autoflower or photoperiod. It will grow in minimal lighting but flowers will be affected by lack of light. 12 hours of light is a minimum if you want to be happy(ish) with your flowers.
    Avg flowering time is 8-10 weeks with an average of 80-90 days total grow time.

    Plant Structure and Height:

    I experienced the avg height being between 2 and 3 feet tall, with a majority of the height above the lower branches. The buds from this strain are thick but not very dense and appear like they would weigh twice what they do. I had varied weights from each plant I grew. (3 in total) Avg weight from 2 to 4 ozs per plant depending on training. (Untrained performed the best.)


    Bud Structure:

    Flavor and Aroma:
    Coffee or earthy with sweet candy undertones. The aroma is light and sweet while not being overbearing or pungent. If smells are an issue for your grow space this would be a great choice as it isn't overly loud.

    Effects and Medicinal Uses:
    This strain is very gentle in its effects a great just-got-done-with-work strain as it won't leave you locked to the couch or kick you in the face like a cup of espresso. It's a very laid-back and high-vibe strain.

    Flowering Time and Harvest:
    As with most cannabis this strain flowers in 8-10 weeks but since it is an autoflower you will only see 3-4 weeks veg at the most.
    As with most strains, the stigma will all be amber as harvest approaches since it is a hybrid strain I recommend harvesting at peak cloudiness as to early or late could make one feel speedy or slow depending.

    Resilience and Pest Resistance:
    This strain handled a fungus gnat infestation with ease as well as high light and nutrient inputs.

    All in all, I think Godzilla Goo Auto is a great strain for growers of all skill levels and has nice potential for bountiful harvest, for an autoflower.

    Awards or Recognitions:
    None I am aware of.