Show and Tell

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This thread is for showing off your CURRENT grow. Nothing From 5 years ago only what you are growing today, this very moment.


  • Nice bunch of buds you got there. :)

  • These are my current growths, toe nail fungus, and a corn. :D Thought I would toss in some humor today. Delete if nece

  • That corn looks really healthy, what are you feeding that thing?

  • I just can't help myself with the humor sometimes.

  • High growers, I'm new at this interesting plant and wanted to share a technique that's so easy that anyone can be a successful gardener. After 5 grows in the last few years I wanted to simplify the process. I did this because I won't be at home for 1-2 week at different intervals this year. It's pretty simple and it's a mix of hydro and soil growing. I started at Dante's store and acquired two of his clones for sale. Next I mixed up some ocean forest with pearlite, worm castings, myco+ and the mix went into 10 gallon bags. I dusted the 2 clones roots with the myco+ before I transplanted into the bags. Those are in a 4X4 with about 500 watts of led lights. Just 2 plants is plenty of harvest for my needs. Next I bought 2 5 gallon buckets and filled with RO water
    The buckets need to be black or painted black to prevent light from growing alge in the water. The last step is to buy some Blumat clasic watering cones. Follow the directions on the blumat packaging to prime with the water, push the cones into the soil mix and drop the tubing weighted ends into the bucket of water. Once every week or two. When the clones were small I had only 2 cones in the soil and added more as they grew. The plants are week 6 of flower now, and look okay for a newbie grower like me. I used a total of 7 cones per bag. My girls drink about1gallon of water per week. The top of the soil is bone dry so no pests are buzzing around.

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    First grow ran 2 Northern Lights autos and 2 Light Widows. Was shooting for 2oz per plant goal, fell real short of that. Lol. They grew under a MarsHydro Ts600 and a cheap 120w blurple light. RO water phd anywhere from 5.9- 6.5 depending on run off. Simply professional formula nutrients (microbes,veg and bloom) fish shitt and molasses as well. No synthetic PGRs, 18/6 schedule.
    I’ve since upgraded tent to a 4x4 from 2x2 now need to upgrade light/wattage. Anyone in N.Central Az got a spare light? Lol
    Going to wait until after monsoon dies down a little to start my next run shouldn’t be long. Looking to make some growmies and learn a thing or two!

  • @devanguy88 not alot of action on this site. I can help with lighting selection, sadly no extra lights.
    You will want at a minimum of 40 watts per sq foot. That blurple style light is trash you would have gotten better from just the ts600. You can find me on ILGM forum or on instagram.

  • Have these ladies outside, about 4 weeks from finishing. The brutal summer we had frankly I’m surprised they survived. Durban Poison on the right, GSC on the left.
    Committed to a full outdoor grow from seed to harvest. Has anyone else had anything going outside here in the Valley this summer?