Diy Compost tea lifter

If you are wanting to grow organic, then you gotta know how to make a compost tea.
In order to make a propper tea you will need a brewer, or some semblance of one. Teas need aeration and mixing in order to provide a great environment for the microbes and fungi to reproduce and grow in numbers.


  • docnraq
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    This video will explain how to make a very cost effective and size adjustable tea lifter. Everything is easy to get and little tools are needed to build it. Be sure not to glue it together, much easier to clean if you can take it apart.

    Here is a few hacks to using this device. Figured a vid would be easier then typing.

    This is your final product, using my hacks, in action.

    A final word of advice. Make sure to have a long enough hose between the lifter and the pump to have your pump farther away and always high above the bucket, by a foot or two. Secure your pump so it doesn't vibrate off whatever ledge you put it on.

  • docnraq
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    Not sure why but the short vids I made linked funny. If you click on the link you get this screen.

    Click and hold the link, on the "leaving screen" then select the preview page option.

    Then it will pull up the video, like so.