Is this the end of the Tribe?

Per your earlier post @docnraq...
@Ozz feel like the seed connect kinda gave up on this forum.

I used my favorite AI Chat to prepare this Stoner of a post

Hey there, fellow cosmic travelers! 🌌✨ Just wanted to vibe with y'all about something groovy. So, like, I've just sparked up this new thread to, you know, hash out a little situation.

Man, guess what? The whole "Tribe" thing seems to have, like, vanished into thin air, man! Our buddy @daisy, well, they've either taken a chill leave or straight up flown the coop from this company scene. Bummer, right?

You know, I've been on this wild journey, pouring my energy into dishing out some free-flowing wisdom. But, like, whoa, it hit me – time and energy, man! Can't be throwing it all out there for free like confetti at a festival.

And hey, major props to you, @Ozz and @docnraq! You cats are totally the shining stars, lighting up this crazy cosmic performance. But hold up, the rest of the gang? They're, like, MIA, man. Not in the zone at all. No wonder the good vibes ain't flowing from them.

I peeped you both, trying to bring back the groove with the old gang, but, whoa, it's like trying to coax a shy firefly out into the night – not catching those good vibes.

Feels like this ship we're on might be taking on a little water, you know? Like, it's time for someone to be that last soul off the ship and flip the switch, turning off the cosmic lights.

Keep riding those good waves, my friends! 🏄‍♂️🌀


  • Its a shame really....

  • I hope this isn’t the end…. I’ve only just arrived.

  • Yeppers not good I’ve only been here a short time and was ready hoping to learn more and share more….
    Anyone hear from Daisy…

  • Hello everyone, my bad totally. The tribe is still here, and I hope we get bigger,

    I thank you for keeping here and for reaching out.

    I apologize for the last 5 months that we did not do the monthly giveaways, and we are going to give out seeds to the active growers this far.

    I was figuring out a few things but now m back and I hope we keep sharing and helping other growers out there.

  • Great to hear Daisy..hope you are doing well. I had all kinds of issues this last season still ok school 600 hid …power went out for 2-1/2 days blew my flower bulb out used a older backup, replacement came looked like an elephant sat on it :( . Yields sucked…loose buds not tight at all. Sub-par…to top it off one went hermi but caught it .

  • Just Yea you’re back !!!

  • Thank you @OL_ONE_EYE. Yes, I am alright. How are you. I am sorry to hear your growing season wasn't so good. Let me see how to get some seeds to all our active community members